La Carta


Serrano ham with melon
Magret of duck with caramellized apple
Chicken and pear salad
Chicken with roast garlic
Jamon of duck salad (cured duck breast)
Brandada with olivada (salt cod mousse & olive paste)
Coca d'escalivada (oven cooked aubergine & pepper on fuille pastry)
Carpaccio of gambas with citrus and arbequina oil dressing
Shrimps with garlic & lime
Shrimps with roast garlic and cream
Salt & pepper calamari
Mussels in spicy tomato sauce ('The legend')
Moule Mariniere soup
Escabetx of mackerel (salad)
Artichokes, butter, lemon, anchovy
Feta, avocado & watermelon salad
Garrotxa goats cheese salad
Rocket, avocado & pinenut salad
Roquefort & walnut salad
Watermelon, mint, almond salad
Duck confit, orange, pomegranate & rocket salad
Roast tomato, garlic & red pepper soup
Cauliflower and saffron soup


Black olive chocolate truffles
Chocolate cups with raspberry and almond biscuit
Catalan creme
Pears poached in red wine
Vanilla pears in chocolate
Merangue with fig sauce
Sauteed peaches with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate and olive oil
Strawberries in Cava
Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream
Basque apple pie


Cheese board of French, Catalan & Spanish cheese


Beef estofat (slow cooked stew with orange & olives)
Osso Bucco
Rustic slow roast lamb with garlic & rosemary
Lamb Clapassade (French. Licourice !)
Stewed lamb with yoghurt
Leg of lamb with apricot & moscotell
Paprika lamb (Goulash)
Magret of duck with orange & ginger
Duck confit with apple
Pork belly with ginger & honey
Pork belly with figs &orange
Filet of pork with onion, capers & anchovy
Filet of pork with cherries
Spicy chicken in tomato & coconut sauce
Chicken, sausage, apple.
Gilt Head Seabream on garlic Potatoes
Escabetx of mackerel with cherries
Paella (mixed, veggie or fish)
Thai Hake baked in coconut milk
Hake papillote with saffron, chilli & courgette
Hake with Manchego and pine nuts
Mar i Muntanya (Shrimp & Chicken)
Bacalla (cod) with escalibat red-pepper sauce
Suquet of rap (monkfish)
Arros negre (inky black rice with calamari & prawns)
Paella of chorizo, saffron & shrimp